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Shaping The Future of Invesment Management

For Companies, Investors and Donors

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Us provides Transfer Agent Services for the Crowdfunding and Fundraising Business Community. strives to be the leader in Alternative Asset and Investment Management Services. 

Who We Are

Our Vision strives to make fundraising efficient and effective for both capital raisers and campaign investors/donors.  

How We Do It is an investor acquisition and management tool for business owners and an investment opportunity and management tool for individuals.  Serving these two distinct constituents, helps business owners manage their investors and/or donors while allowing potential investors to view their investment portfolio and available investment opportunities.  

About Us
For Companies

fundraising consulting

Our Fundraising Consulting program helps companies prepare for fundraising by helping them understand all the funding options available and create a capital stack that meets their operations needs. Our servies include the production of company collateral creation, marketing preparation, and guidance on other crowdfunding and general fundraising best practices.

Governance Services

We provide Corporate Governance Services that help you with required filings/registrations, shareholder profile research & analysis, annual & special meetings, dividend distribution and proxy solicitation. Working directly with your company, we offer ongoing guidance and support to help you manage today’s ever-changing business and regulatory risks through our corporate governance consulting, targeted investor communications advisory, and shareholder clean up capabilities.

What We Offer Companies

What We Offer Investors

For Investors

portfolio management

Portfolio management involves building and overseeing a selection of investments that will meet the long-term financial goals and risk tolerance of an investor.  Our active portfolio management platform alows companies to view investor/donor information on demand, while allowing investors/donors to view all of their crowdfunded investments in one place. 

secondary Market

Our Secondary Market provides liquidity in a traditionally illiquid investment.  Simply put, we have developed a platrform that allows investors and donors to trade investments just like shares on the stock market. 

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Contact Us Headquarters
18300 Dixie Hwy, 2nd Floor
Homewood, Illinois 60430

phone: 773-245-3569

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